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Bill and Emily Brook Family Information

A History of Bill Brook and Emily Coleman Brook

Amelia Weissinger Recalls 98 Years of History Close Window

Mrs. Amelia Weissinger of Haslett, 98 years old Sunday, reads one of many cards of freeting that have poured in for her.
(Lansing State Journal, June 17, 1956 - see text below picture)

Mrs. Amelia Weissinger, Swiss girl who earned $1 a week on an Alpine farm will be the center of attention Sunday at a quiet 98th firthday celebration in Haslett.

The day will bring trogether many of five children, 16 grandchildren and 31 great-grandchildren.

On granddaughter, Maxine Smith, will also celebrate her birthday Sunday.

The family will neet at the home of MJrs. Sophie Smite, 1536 Haslett Rd., a daughter. Mrs. Weissinger is a long time Haslett area resident.

She was born June 17, 1855 near Zurich, Switzerland and travelled at the age of 24 to begin a pioneer life in Central Michigan.

She met a German boy who understood her native language and a year later married him and moved onto a farm new Haslett.

The newlyweds cleared an acre to plant potatoes and the second year added two acres of wheat. After 10 years the couple had cleared and cultivated 40 acreas using oxen to pull out the stumps.

Five of siz Weissinger children were born in their log cabin.

The children include Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Emma Coleman, Mrs. Albert Arliss (sp?) anbd Albert Weissinger, all of Haslett and Mrs. Adna Conn of 1135 Hillsdate St., Lansing. A son, Fred died in 1950.

Mrs. Weissinger can recall the rigors of early Michigan farming for she often worked from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. harvesting grain with hand flails. She recalls the hand-crank washing machine as a "good improvement". The Weissinger cabin say many winter snows and leaked under heavy rains.

One of her most exciting experiences was a visit back to Switzerland before World War I. Whe had to return shortly as threat of was appeared.

Limited signt prohibits sewing, which she enjoys but she is active in the Haslett Baptist church.

With here comparatively good health, her smile anbd charm, she is a lively as every and is the idol of her large and admiring family who will pause Sunday in tribute.