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Bill and Emily Brook Family Information

A History of Bill Brook and Emily Coleman Brook

Dear Geegee:    

At last, a break in the format--garden--volunteerism--children visiting, vacations, etc.  It really keeps one hopping!  

This summer our village had a Carriage Days Celebration.  People went all out to help with festivities.  A parade, open houses of historical homes, a Birthday Ball, Church in the park, BBQ in the park, plus many other things.  The only trouble was that we had 6.5 inches of rain that weekend.  The parade was almost rained down the drain,  the Sunday morning service in the park ended up in the church--much dryer.  Since that weekend in late June, we have had about 4 more inches of rain.  Our garden hasn't been cultivated since mid June.  Everything is lush and if we can find it, we can harvest it. I found some radishes growing and when I pulled a few, they were the size of golf balls--but still tender and edible--just a little bitey!

Bill is busy with plans for the new library--he is president of the local board.  They have raised some money, but the total is about $450,000--and we have about $75,000 so far.  The finance committee is now in the process of applying for grants from various foundations and maybe they can shake some money loose!

This past month has really been something--my sisters and husbands (one from California and one from upper Michigan were here to visit.  We also had an exchange student from Germany with us for a weekend, studying English in a 6 week course at MSU.  This with a house visitor, to whom we rented a room this summer, has kept the house humming.  One  week we entertained  a grandson, age 11.  It is certainly different having a child around again, but we love it.

Last weekend we spent with Brian and Judi in Kalamazoo, at a Llamafest.  They are new in the business of raising llamas.  Bill spent Sunday acting as ring steward.  These animals are really fascinating.  On Sunday afternoon there was an auction of some of the animals--Brian and Judi bought a llama that really shows promise of being a show animal.  It is white with brown spots (the owner called it reverse appalousa)  Their other 2 females are dark brown, as are the two males.  It's a little hard for us to justify the costs of raising and maintaining animals that have no potential for profit excepting the sale of breeding stock or stud service.  Of course it's easier to show them than the pigs that 4 of our grandsons showed last week. Utter chaos.  The 4-hers and the pigs were mingling in the ring--not even close to their animal part of the time.  Dairy animals show much easier!!

We hope to visit W.Va this fall--we plan so far to be in Columbus on the weekend  of the 15-16 of October.  How do your plans look for a visit around the 17-19 of October?  Let us know, as our plans can be somewhat flexible.
If you have other plans for that time, let us know.

We plan to get into northern Michigan and northern Wisconsin to visit Bill and my sisters next week (14-23). My one sister has just has returned from a stay in St. Lucia as a Peace Corp volunteer. She also has just made a trip to Russia to visit her son.

We have been having exceptionally cool weather, in the 40's at night and only about 70 during the day.  Makes us feel that fall is breathing down our necks FAST!

We feel for Peter and Otto and Ruth.  It's hard to think that a youngest in the family is ready to take over the reigns of the farm business.  However, we felt that Peter is smart enough and experienced enough to make a go of it, especially if Ruth and Otto give him enough leeway.  We, in looking back, are happy that we are out of farming.  Many of the crops in our immediate area have been partially flooded out, which will certainly cut harvest yields. One mint farmer that Bill saw recently said that his best mint land was almost a disaster, while his poorest land produced the best!

I am hoping to get busy with quilting this winter.  We have three grand children graduating in June, and thought it would be nice to make each of them a quilt.  

Sounds like you have had your share of emergencies this year.  Hope things are on a more even keel now.

Hope to be able to visit you in October.

Bill and Emily