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Bill and Emily Brook Family Information

A History of Bill Brook and Emily Coleman Brook

CARD GAME 2-11 Close Window
GAME 2-11

One card dealt around face-up determines number of cards to each player - such as 2 gets two cards including the face-up card.  An ace gets 11 cards;  jacks, queens, kings each get 10 cards; all other get the number shown on the card.

The dealers face-up card is always wild and that counts 100 points in any lay down or against the player if left  in your hand.

You draw from the deck or what has been laid down on the discard pile - you must meld the last card picked up of the pile.

To start to meld, you need a run of three in one suit or three cards of the same kind-one wild card can take the place of any card for the meld.

After you have made a meld, you can play a card that would fit in your laid down hand or would apply to that of any other player-s cards (lay it in front of your self and it will add to your count.)

After any person uses all of his or her cards, the hand is over.  You will count the total you laid down less any that you still might be holding.

The winner receives 150 points to add to hisher total.
aces   =   100
2-9      =     5
10-king  =   100
wild     =   100

You can go up or down depending on whether it was layed down or not.

2000 points wins the game.