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Bill and Emily Brook Family Information

A History of Bill Brook and Emily Coleman Brook

Christmas, that magical time, is fast speeding our way. Choir rehearsals, cookie baking, Christmas music, snow flakes, all are part of this season. As we write this letter, many images float through our minds--families that we do not often see, friends from many far away places, the fun and enjoyment of all of you are cherished memories woven into the tapestry of our lives.

This year we have taken "mini" vacations and trips, seeing parts of our country and world.

February saw us flying to the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean for a week in the sun. Our sister, Helen, was in the Peace Corp there. What a weather shock we had. We left Detroit in -20 degrees and arrived in St. Lucia five hours later, to sunny 80 degrees. The island and its people were delightful, poor but clean. We experienced many non-tourist sights and foods, such as soursop, (which makes a wonderful drink), breadfruit, plantians, green boiled bananas, and tamarand juice. Restaurant foods were very good, but different.

In September we took off for northern Michigan, visiting sisters Judy and Allen in Munising, Wilma and Keith in Dollar Bay (Keweenaw Peninsula) and Helen in Ashland, Wisconsin, (she was back home afte finishing her Peace Corp assignment.)

In October, we traveled south and east, visiting Gary, Tammi and Coleman in Worthington, OH, before heading east to West Virginia to visit a friend, Gegee Tabb, who attended Dairy Conferences with us over the years. We delighted in the beautiful colors of fall in the hills and mountains there. Gegee's expertise with quilting made Emily anxious to get home and start sewing again.

These trips also gave us a chance to travel all of Michigan from Upper Michigan down to the southern state line within a month. In Canton, OH we toured the Football Hall of Fame--interesting to even Emily, who knows very little about football!

July gave us a new experience, vacationing without a camper. We rented a lake front cottage at Bitely Lake, near Big Rapids. We had two grandchildren with us for three days, which made it more fun. Fishing and swimming was good.

In August Bill was "drafted" to be a ringmaster at the 11th annual Llama Fest in Kalamazoo. It was fun. Brian and Judi showed "Silk Stockings" and "Obsession:, two of their llamas.

In September, most of the family spent Labor Day Weekend in Manton with Natalie, Rick and family. The town has a big Harvest Festival, complete with midway and parade.

This year made us begin to feel older. Both of us had a chance to attend our 50th High School Reunions, at Haslett and Bath. We enjoyed reminiscing with our former classmates.

Thanksgiving this year was with our whole family, 23 of us, including 10 grandchildren. We feel so fortunate to be blessed with such a wonderful family. Each family gathering we have makes us appreciate what the Lord has given us.

Now that Christmas is close at hand, we wish to extend our warmest greetings to each and all of you. May this new year meet your greatest expectations, with joy, peace, contentment, knowing that our Lord will be with you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!