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Bill and Emily Brook Family Information

A History of Bill Brook and Emily Coleman Brook

Christmas is still a wonderful time of year at our home. As we plan for various activities at home and church, we feel the magic of that first Christmas. Our church Christmas cantata and the play by the Sunday School children brings back many fond memories of the past.

This year has given us a chance to travel. In March we left for a 2 month vacation, by car, to visit the south west, west and northern states. Our first priority was to find blossoming flowers growing in the ground. Viola!! When we reached Kentucky, we succeeded. Then we ambled along south southwest thru Texas, where we visited museums and historical sites, such as JFK museum in Dallas, the Admiral Nimitz State Historical Park in Fredericksburg and the LJB Ranch in Johnson City and other interesting sites. We chugged along through New Mexico, to Arizona to visit some long time friends--Alice Thorp, from our days at Chapel Hill Church, Connie Parmenter from our Ovid Church, and Joyce and Jim Snay also from Chapel Hill. While in Arizona we visited the Biosphere, a science achievement. In California we spent some great days with nieces, nephews, and sister Leora and husband Walter. While in San Diego, we had a chance to visit the Methodist church where Emily's niece is a pastor. This church has more members than we have residents in our whole town. In Willows, CA, we visited a school chum of Bill's from grade and high school days. Jean and Ervin have a glider, so a highlight of California was going for a ride and actually piloting the glider. Emily kept her feet on the ground. Just traveling the mountains was enough height for her! We traveled the length of California, stopping at interesting sights along the way. In Moscow, Idaho, where Roger, Pat and family were spending time on his sabbatical, we spent Easter
and saw interesting features of Idaho. Leaving there, we traveled eastward on I-90 through the wide open west and plain states. A very interesting overnight stop was with a Mennonite family that enjoy hosting travelers. In South Dakota, we had to stop and see Wall Drug. What an establishment that is. In Wisconsin, we visited Ruth and Otto Kohlway, friends from Dairy Conference days. Then down to Indiana to visit Russ and Norma Zell, more long time friends.

After 8800 plus miles, home looked mighty good, but we have a whetted appetite for seeing more of our great nation.

Our children are all busy with various sport activities and jobs. (We, too, keep busy, just not working.) We have one new addition to the clan. On June 29, Gary and Tammi presented us with our 10th grandchild, Coleman Ray. Of course, we think he is wonderful.

In early July we spent some time with Natalie and Rick and children. He was just appointed to the United Methodist Church in Manton. We helped pack some of their dishes, Traverse City. Later we went to Manton to help unpack. They hosted our family gathering on Labor Day weekend.

In early October, we again hit the road, headed to the upper peninsula, visiting the Shipwreck Museum at White Fish Point, Tahquamenon Falls and then on to Bill's sister and brother-in-law, Judy and Alan Koepsell, at overMunising. In the Keweenaw we visited Emily's sister and brother-in-law, Wilma and Keith Baldwin.

In late October, we were with Brian and Judi in Kalamazoo, who are now beginning a new business, raising Llamas. What beautiful animals they are, and so calm. We were told emphatically that they DO NOT spit, bite or kick.

As this year swiftly draws to a close, we are truly thankful for good health and the opportunity to serve our Lord and our community in various ways. Merry Christmas to all, and a beautiful new year.