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Bill and Emily Brook Family Information

A History of Bill Brook and Emily Coleman Brook


A devotion message about moving and life changes. I don't know if these were Emily's words, or she copied from someone else. File date: July 30, 1993.
God says "Remember ye not the former things neither consider things of old. Behold I will do a new thing...I will even make a way in the wilderness." Isaiah 43: 18-19

Our family has moved many times in our married life. None were easy, but some caused me, especially, some pangs of regret. Two of these moves caused anxiety and sadness. We had lived in a home on the farm, raising our six children, seeing their happiness and reliving memories of their times of joy, sickness and sorrow. To think that this move was for the best? I felt cheated of my memories. That new home would never be like the one we left. But move, we did, and when the furniture was placed in the house, I looked out the window and it seemed that God was saying, "It's your home, a place to enjoy". I looked and, Yes, it was our home, our yard, our neighborhood. It was good.

Another move we made was similar. All of our family treasures and memories were boxed, and trucked to the new location. Would I really be content to live in this new location, in a town? I was satisfied living in the country, with no close neighbors. The same thing happened here. God was telling me to relax and get on with the settling. This was to be home for our family. Again I looked out the window, and yes, this
was good, it was home.

Throughout our lifetime, we have found that when we put our trust in God, without reservations, He provides what we really need.

PRAYER: Dear God, help me to be ever mindful of your power and concern for my needs. Help me to listen to your still small voice to give me comfort and help in all my activities, knowing that You will never fail me.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God is ever close, to guide our every action.